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If you are coming from VScode or any other IDE like environment you must be confused about what plugins should I use to make VIM my goto IDE. Well, as a matter of fact, you don’t need many plugins on VIM to make it like IDE.

I will assume you are familar with vim and editing the .vimrc (config file)

Here are the 5 configurations/tips that can be useful while working with any programming language

Ever wondered how to flawlessly align your code? Aligning it based on colon(:), assignment(=,+=,-=,*=,/=) and arrow(=>)

It is usually the case when you…

Rohit Sthapit

Hi there, I’m Rohit — aka nhuzaa 👋 🔭 Python, JS, Vim, Arch Linux, Tmux etc all make me waaaaay too excited.

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